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IRS Announces ABLE Rules
Six months after a federal law paved the way for tax-free savings accounts for people with disabilities, the IRS is providing details on how they... Read More...
Session Ends!
Just before 4 p.m. today (June 5), the Legislature finished up their work after passing a $7.168 billion budget that keeps the Mt. Pleasant Mental... Read More...
Legislators Pass ABLE Act & HHS Budget
Last night (June 3) the Iowa House and Senate passed a nearly $2 billion budget for the state's health and human services programs, and included in... Read More...
Budget Deal Announced; Session End in Sight
While we can't say with certainty that the Iowa Legislature's 2015 session will end this week, we can say that the signs are all there. Legislators... Read More...
Senate Passes Refueling Assistance Bill
The Senate passed a bill yesterday (June 2) to make sure drivers with disabilities are able to refuel their vehicles.  The bill (Senate File 509)... Read More...

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Your elected officials face very difficult choices everyday, and the decisions they make affect your life.  On the issues that matter most to you, are you okay if those decisions are made without your input? 

Now more than ever, it is important for people affected by disability to speak up.  The US Congress must cut billions in spending. The Iowa Legislature is in the middle of a major redesign of the state's mental health and disability services system, and funding for it is still up in the air. The people representing you in the US Congress and at the State Capitol need to know your story, so they can make informed decisions.

Iowans with Disabilities in Action (ID Action) and the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council created this Information Network (infoNET) to give you the information, tools, resources and opportunities you need to take action on the issues important to you.