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Retirements & New Districts for 2023

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

Every ten years, states "redistrict" by redrawing their Congressional and legislative districts.  This follows the US Census and is necessary to make sure each legislative district, and each Congressional district, has about the same number of people in it.  That's how we make sure every person has equal representation.  

There will be a lot of new faces in the 2023 Iowa Legislature. One out of every three legislators will not return to work at the Capitol in 2023.  Some are retiring (it's a lot of work to meet voters in areas that were not in your old district).  Some are running for a different office.  A few were put into the same district as other legislators (so they have to run against each other).  

You may have noticed new names on your June 6 Primary Election ballot, either because you were put in a new district or because your legislator is among the many retiring.   Here is a quick rundown:

  • Sen. Craig Williams (R) - retiring
  • Sen. Roby Smith (R) - running for State Treasurer
  • Sen. Amanda Ragan (D) - retiring
  • Sen. Zach Nunn (R) - running for Congress (against US Rep. Cindy Axne)
  • Sen. Liz Mathis (D)  - running for Congress (against US Rep. Ashley Hinson)
  • Sen. Jim Lykam (D) - retiring
  • Sen. Craig Johnson (R) - running for State Senate
  • Sen. Rob Hogg (D) - retiring
  • Sen. Tim Goodwin (R) - retiring 
  • Sen. Jim Carlin (R) -  ran for US Senate (lost in primary to US Sen. Chuck Grassley)
  • Sen. Joe Bolkcom (D) - retiring 
  • Rep. Marti Anderson (D) - retiring
  • Rep. Rob Bacon (R) - retiring
  • Rep. Terry Baxter (R) - retiring
  • Rep. Liz Bennett (D) - running for State Senate
  • Rep. Christina Bohannan (D) - running for Congress (against US Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks)
  • Rep. Mike Bousselot (R) - running for State Senate
  • Rep. Holly Brink (R) - retiring
  • Rep. Dennis Bush (R) - lost in primary election
  • Rep. Cecil Dolecheck (R) - retiring
  • Rep. Molly Donahue (D) - running for State Senate
  • Rep. Chris Hall (D) - retiring
  • Rep. Lee Hein (R) - lost in primary election
  • Rep. Dustin Hite (R) - lost in primary election
  • Rep. Bruce Hunter (D) - retiring
  • Rep. Jon Jaccobsen (R) - retiring
  • Rep. David Kerr (R)- retiring
  • Rep. Jarad Klein (R) - retiring
  • Rep. Mary Mascher (D) - retiring
  • Rep. Dave Maxwell (R) - lost in primary election
  • Rep. Charlie McClintock (R) - running for State Senate
  • Rep. Charlie McConkey (D) - retiring
  • Rep. Jeff Mitchell (R) - lost in primary election
  • Rep. Jo Oldson (D)- retiring
  • Rep. Ross Paustian (R)- retiring
  • Rep. Todd Prichard (D)- retiring
  • Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt (D)- running for Linn County Supervisor
  • Rep. Sandy Salmon (R)- running for State Senate
  • Rep. Ras Smith (D)- retiring
  • Rep. Kristin Sunde (D)- retiring
  • Rep. Jon Thorup (R) - lost in primary election
  • Rep. Cherielynn Westrich (R)- running for State Senate
  • Rep. Dave Williams (D)- retiring
  • Rep. Cindy Winckler (D)- running for State Senate
  • Rep. Mary Wolfe (D)- retiring
  • Rep. Gary Worthan (R)- retiring

Senators are elected for four-year terms, so Senators in even numbered districts are not up for election this year. The following legislators are not up for re-election this year:

  • Sen. Nate Boulton (D)
  • Sen. Mark Costello (R)
  • Sen. Dan Dawson (R)
  • Sen. Jeff Edler (R)
  • Sen. Eric Giddens (D)
  • Sen. Jessse Greene (R)
  • Sen. Dennis Guth (R)
  • Sen. Pam Jochum (D)
  • Sen. Mike Klimesh (R)
  • Sen. Mark Lofgren (R)
  • Sen. Janet Petersen (D)
  • Sen. Jeff Reichman (R)
  • Sen. Amy Sinclair (R)
  • Sen. Jeff Taylor (R)
  • Sen. Brad Zaun (R)
  • Sen. Dan Zumbach (R)

If you know a legislator who is retiring, you might want to send them a handwritten note thanking them for their service to the state and saying how much you appreciated them listening to you.  It's always a nice touch, and legislators remember personal letters! You never know if they will end up in another job or in another elected office where you can continue that relationship.  You can find their addresses in our Guide to the Iowa Legislature.

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