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Host a Town Hall This Year or Next (Virtual or In Person)

Monday, July 5, 2021

The Iowa DD Council wants to help you hold a virtual or in-person townhall meeting in your area!  In years past, the Iowa DD Council has helped Iowans with disabilities host their own Capitol Days in Des Moines.  Even before COVID-19 shut in-person advocacy down, the DD Council was changing with the times and was making their advocay local!  So take advantage of their help and grants to help plan your own in-person or virtual (or combination) advocacy event with your local legislators.  

Summer and Fall are great times to meet with your elected officials. They have more time, and they are not spending their days and weeks in Des Moines. Let us help you host a townhall with your legislators (or members of Congress) this summer or fall, or plan ahead for 2022! 

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