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Bill Tracker 2022

Friday, April 1, 2022

The Iowa Legislative Session will end sometime this month.  They stop getting their expense checks and no longer have staff to help after April 19, but they could go longer than that.  It is going to be tough to get all the work they need to do before that.  We did not want to list the status of bills we're watching here, because the session could be done before this hits your mailbox.  You can find the most current status of bills in our online Bill Tracker:  

As of April 4, 2022, the following bills are still alive:

HF2167: Autism Definition: Defines autism spectrum disorder as a mental health disorder (requested by Autism Speaks). This is headed to the Governor (her signature will make it law).
HF2259: Vehicle Registration/Parking Permits: Allows physical therapists to sign permission forms a person with a disability to get accessible parking plates or tags.
HF2298: COVID-19 Immunization Requirements: Does not allow child care centers or schools to require COVID-19 vaccines or boosters.
HF2438: Public Assistance Program Integrity: Requires anyone applying for public assistance (Medicaid, FIP, SNAP) to answer identity confirmaiton questions (like mother's maiden name, first pet's name) - something they set up so that when they access services, they can confirm their identity with these questions.
HF2486: Service Animal Restrictions: Makes it a simple misdemeanor to misrepresent an animal as a service animal in order to get lease restriction waivers.
HF2495: Transition and Postsecondary Scholarship: Establishes the comprehensive transition and postsecondary program scholarship program to allow young college age adults with intellectual, cognitive, or learning disabilities to attend a transition program at an Iowa college or university.
HF2546: Tiered Psychiatric Reimbursements: Requires DHS to pay more for Medicaid psychiatric intensive inpatient care, so providers would be paid for treating more complex, high-needs patients.
HF2549: Mental Health Provider Loan Repayment: Establishes a program to repay the college loans for mental health professionals who locate in rural or underserved areas of the state, including psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners, physician assistants working under supervision of a psychiatrist, prescribing psychologists, social workers, psychologists, marriage and family therapists, and mental health counselors.

SF348: Adult/Minor Guardianships and Conservatorships: Makes changes relating to the administration of adult and minor guardianships and conservatorships, and as amended by the Iowa House, will give a judge the option to simplify reporting requirements.

SF522: Crimes Against Older Adults: Makes elder abuse a crime, including the financial exploitation of older Iowans and dependent adults.

SF2197: Special Education Task Force: Directs the Department of Education to establish a special education support task force to make sure students in private schools get equal access to special education services, supports, and resources. This advocate-inspired bill has passed and is on its way to being signed into law by the Governor! 
SF2216: Intensive Psychiatric Units: Establishes 12 new adult intensive psychiatric beds and 12 new child intensive psychiatric beds at the state's mental health institutes.
SF2343: Election Changes: Makes various changes to elections, including requiring a voter verification number and signature on an absentee ballot envelope.  

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