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2022 Legislative Session Calendar

Monday, January 17, 2022

The 2022 Legislative Session is scheduled to go for 100 days, at least that is how long they have until their travel and staff money runs out.  If they go longer, they will have to do it without staff and will have to use their own money for their meals, hotels, and gas.  Legislative leaders said they are actually trying to get done in 90 days, and that means they will move things quickly.  There are some key dates to remember:

  • Friday, January 21 is the last day for legislators to ask for a bill.Don't worry if you missed this deadline, legislators always have ways around this by amending another bill or asking a committee chair to do a "study bill."

  • Friday, February 18 is the first deadline, called the "first funnel."  Lots of bills are dropped into the system, but only about half make it through this funnel deadline.  By this date, bills need to be out of their first committee. Only bills that make it through this funnel are still alive after February 18. There are some exceptions - bills about taxes and budgets (spending) can be debated at any time.  
  •  Friday, March 18 is the second (and last) funnel deadline.  By this time, a Senate bill needs to be out of a House committee (and a House bill needs to be out of a Senate committee).  Like the earlier deadline, this does not apply to tax and spending bills. 
  • The 100th day of session is April 19. 

If you want to get something done this session - a new law, more money for a program, or changes to a law - you will want to talk to your legislators SOON.  Legislators can only do this during the legislative session, so if they cannot do it now, they'll have to wait until they come back in January 2023.



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