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2022 Iowa Legislative Session Ends

Monday, June 27, 2022

Iowa's legislative session finally ended just after midnight on Wednesday, May 25.  The Iowa House and the Iowa Senate fought for a month before "agreeing to disagree" on using taxpayer funds to pay for private school scholarships. Once leaders decided to save the education debate for another day, the end of session happened fast. After two very long debate days, Iowa legislators passed all ten budgets, a second tax bill, changes to our state’s 44-year-old bottle deposit and return law, and dozens of other bills. The Health & Human Services Budget took less than 15 minutes to pass the Iowa Senate, surely a new record. 

The Governor signed all but one of the 156 bills sent to her, vetoing a bill dealing with substitute teacher requirements (a veto means that the bill will not become law).  She also took out one section of a budget bill that made changes to the process for nominating district judges (again, this "line item veto" means the part taken out will not become law). Most of the 155 bills that were signed will become law on July 1, 2022.  

Image says FUN FACT in red and yellow speech bubbles.


1,370 bills were introduced this year.

155 were signed into law.

11% of the bills filed this year will become law.  

That means for every ten bills sponsored by legislators - only one will make it to becoming law. 


Change takes time.  It takes time to pass a bill and educate legislators about the issue. If advocacy was a race, it would be a marathon, not a sprint.  If your ideas didn't become law this year, get ready for 2023!   Talk to the people running for office and educate them about your issue now. Advocacy works; we have several examples in the next article as proof.

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