2021 Legislative Guide

Our 2021-2022 Guide to the Iowa Legislature has just about everything you need to know about the Iowa legislative process and the people who are elected to work there! Includes two newly elected state legislators (updated 10/13/21).


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The Iowa Legislature may be done for the year but Congress is just getting started. We have an easy way for you to let your federal elected officials know about the issues important to you!


Welcome to infoNET!

The Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council created infoNET (short for information network) in partnership with Iowans with Disabilities in Action to give you the information, tools, resources and opportunities you need to take action on the issues important to you. Our newsletter and network of resources helps advocates with disabilities stay up-to-date on current issues by:

  • Letting you know what the Iowa Legislature & US Congress are up to - and what you can do to influence their decisions.
  • Keeping tabs on the Iowa Governor’s office and state agency initiatives
  • Suggesting ways to make you more effective in your advocacy and your message powerful and persuasive.
  • Connecting you with other advocates using social media, online training, and community conversations.
  • Letting you know when there are opportunities to bring your issue to the attention of law makers and opinion leaders.

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Community Integration Town Halls

The Iowa DD Council and DHS are hosting a virtual town hall on community integration Monday, Oct. 11. There will be several more in-person and one more virtual town halls during the month of October.


First Redistricting Map Fails in Iowa Senate

State Senators voted down the first redistricting map during a special session on October 5.


State Plans to Invest $104 million in HCBS

Iowa Medicaid has a plan to spend $104 million in federal funds to expand access to HCBS services and support the HCBS workforce.


Host a Town Hall Meeting!

The Iowa DD Council wants to help you hold a virtual townhall meeting in your area! In years past, the Iowa DD Council has helped Iowans with...


HCBS Access Act

Learn more about a bill in Congress to expand access to home and community based services and how you can submit your suggestions and comments.

About our Network

Your elected officials face very difficult choices everyday, and the decisions they make affect your life. The people representing you from the White House and Congress to your State Capitol and County Courthouse need to know your story, so they can make informed decisions. Now more than ever, it is important for Iowans with disabilities and their family members to take action.  That is why the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council created Iowans with Disabilities in Action and infoNET.  Learn more about our work by connecting with us.