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Judge Retention Election 2020
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TAKE ACTION! Oppose Supreme Court Confirmation
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CENSUS Deadline 9/30
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National Voter Registrations Day!
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Iowans who are registered to vote can ask their county auditors to vote by mail.  To do that, you will need to fill out the official "absentee ballot... Read More...

Our Network

Anti-Bullying Resources

The Iowa DD Council and its network of Iowans with Disabilities in Action believe that school should be a safe and welcoming place for students of all abilities.  Recent videotaped incidents at Iowa schools show how brutal and painful bullying can be, to both the child bullied and the greater community.  There is no place in Iowa schools for bullying.

We encourage parents of all children to talk to them about the importance of recognizing and celebrating our differences and unique qualities that make us all individuals.  We wish these incidents were rare, but unfortunately students with disabilities are ten times more likely to be bullied at school.  In fact, more than half of students with disabilities say they have been bullied at school.  

Studies have shown that peer support is an important protective factor against bullying; having friends at school can prevent and protect against bullying. By working together, teachers, parents and students can develop peer education, team-building, and leadership activities that foster friendships, build empathy, and prevent bullying to make schools safer and inclusive for all students, including children with disabilities.  

Below are links to resources for those who want to know more about what to do, how to talk to your kids, ideas for starting your own anti-bullying program in schools.  We will continuously update this list, so check back.  

Stopping bullying of kids with disabilities means raising awareness, and kids model adult behaviors.  Check yourself too - and make sure you are showing your kids how to respect each other and our differences as well.