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Medical Cannabidiol (CBD) Expansion - HF 732

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House File 732 made several changes to Iowa's medical CBD program, including allowing physican assistants and nurse practioners to authorize use, allowing dispensaries to hire pharmacists, allowing individuals with felony convictions to access these medications, and replacing the current 3% THC cap (the part of the cannabis plant that gets you high) with a 90-day 25 gram allowance.  The Governor vetoed this bill, so it will be a priorty of legislators in 2020.  Only 10 of the 150 legislators voted against the bill:

Representatives (3/26/19)

Yes (96): Abdul-Samad, Anderson, Bacon, Bearinger Bennett, Bergan, Bossman, Breckenridge, Brown-Powers, Brink, Carlson, Cohoon, Derry, Deyoe, Dolecheck Donahue, Ehlert, Fisher, Forbes, Fry, Gaines, Gaskill, Gassman, Gerhold, Grassley, Hagenow, Hall, Hanusa, Heddens, Hein, Hinson, Hite, Holt, Hunter, Huseman, Isenhart, Jacobsen, Jacoby, James, Jeneary, Jones, Judge, Kacena, Kaufmann, Kerr, Klein, Konfrst, Kressig, Kurth, Kurtz, Landon, Lensing, Lohse, Lundgren, Mascher, Matson, Maxwell, McConkey, McKean, A. Meyer, B. Meyer, Mitchell, Mohr, Mommsen, Moore, Nielsen, Oldson, Olson, Osmundson, Ourth, Paustian, Prichard, Running-Marquardt, Salmon, Sexton, Shipley, Sieck, M. Smith, R. Smith, Sorensen, Staed, Steckman, Sunde, Thede, Thompson, Thorup, Upmeyer, Wessel-Kroeschell, Williams, Wills, Winckler, Windschitl, Wolfe, Worthan, Zumbach

No (3): Baxter, Gustafson, Wheeler

Absent/Not Voting (1): Bloomingdale

Senators (4/27/19)

Yes (40): Bisignano, Bolkcom, Boulton, Brown, Celsi, Chapman, Cournoyer, Dotzler, Edler, Feenstra, Giddens, Greene, Guth, Hogg, Jochum, Johnson, Kapucian, Kinney, Koelker, Kraayenbrink, Lofgren, Mathis, Miller-Meeks, Nunn, Petersen, Quirmbach, Ragan, Rozenboom, Schneider, Schultz, Segebart, Shipley, Sinclair, J. Smith, R. Smith,  Sweeney, R. Taylor, Wahls, Whitver, Zaun, Zumbach

No (7): Behn, Breitbach, Carlin, Costello, Feenstra, Garrett, Whiting

Absent/Not Voting (3): Dawson, Lykam, T. Taylor