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Special Election Information: January 26
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SPECIAL ELECTION SET: January 26, 2021
Ottumwa physician Mariannette Miller-Meeks has been "provisionally" sworn in as a U.S. Representative, as she awaits the review by a Congressional... Read More...
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2021 Committees Assigned
Each legislator serves on several committees - standing committees that deal with policy issues in a certain area, and budget (appropriations)... Read More...
Revenues Holding Steady, State Economy Looking Good
Every year we talk about the way Iowa budgets.  It all starts with the law that only allows the state to spend 99% of the money it collects each... Read More...

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While the Legislature has finished its work for the year, there is still plenty of activity going on over the summer months.  Legislative leaders will meet later this month (June 22) to decide which issues to study over the "interim," the word legislators use to refer to the months they are not in session.  These interim study committees will meet to discuss issues that needed more time than was available in the 15 weeks of legislative session.  We know that interims have been requested to address:

  • Iowa's opioid crisis
  • Iowa's alcoholic beverages laws 
  • Telehealth payment parity (paying same for service whether delivered in person, or remotely using technology)
Several other ideas for interims were floated this year, including the perennial request for something to be done about sex offenders and other sexually agressive persons living in nursing homes. The Legislature also approved an interim study that will begin NEXT SUMMER (2018) to address ongoing MH/DS regional funding issues.  While lawmakers didn't approve many requests for interims this year, some of these ideas may surface again on June 22.  If you think an issue should be studied over the summer, ask your legislators to request an interim study!  Any legislator can ask for something to be studied over the summer and fall, but ultimately their leaders will make the decision.  Remember, if you don't ask, the answer is always no.

 We will post the interim committees approved on our website and Facebook page once announced on June 22. Make sure you check back to see if there are any issues of interest to you.