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Legislators worked late into the evening on Thursday (April 13) to get things ready to end session next week.  Much of the work was on budgets, which started coming out on Monday.  As you know, it's a difficult budget year, and the cuts are very deep.  Here is a quick list of where the budgets are in the process - and links to information about what is cut, and what is funded in each budget:

 HF 640 & SF 507 - 

 House & Senate Floors -

 HF 641 & SF 510   
 Agriculture/Natural Resources 

 House & Senate Floors (

 SSB 1196
 Economic Development

 Senate Appropriations Committee (

 HF 642 & SF 511

 House & Senate Floors (

 SF 498
 Federal Block Grant

 Sent to Governor (

 No #
 Health/Human Services

 House Floor (

 HF 643

 House Calendar (

 HF 645 & SF 508

 House & Senate Floors (;

 HF 644 & SF 509
 Justice Systems

 House & Senate Floors (

 No #

 Not yet available

 SF 497

 Sent to Governor (


A public hearing on the state budget has been scheduled for Monday (April 17) at 10 am to Noon.  The hearing will be held in Room 103 at the State Capitol (first floor). You must be signed up to speak, but you can submit comments.  To do that: 

Each speaker has only three minutes to present their case.  Time will be called in order to allow as many people to speak as possible.