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There are a number of bills that are facing the funnel deadline next week.  You can see current status of all these bills anytime at  Here is a quick review of where bills are at right now:

Bills That Have Already Cleared the March 11 Deadline:

  • HF2272 & SF2101 Supported Employment Reimbursement Rates (Senate & House Floors) - Directs Medicaid to increase supported employment provider Medicaid rates by 20% beginning January 1, 2016.

  • HF2334 & SF2188 Psychologist Prescription Authority (Senate & House Floors) - Allows prescription authority for doctorate-level psychologists that receive an additional two-year degree in psychopharmacology.

  • SF475 Home Modification Tax Credit (Senate Ways & Means Committee) - Allows a refundable $2,500 home modification income tax credit for homeowners with disabilities (or homeowners with family members that have disabilities living in the home) or individuals with progressive diseases that require home modification who earn no more than 250% of the federal poverty level.

  • SF509 ADA Compliance/Gas Stations (House Ways & Means Committee) - Requires gas stations to comply with the federal Americans with Disabilities Act.

  • SF2109 Supplemental Appropriation-Medicaid (Senate Floor) - Adds $80 million to the current year Medicaid budget.

  • SF2144 Mental Health Information Disclosure (House Floor) - Amends current law that prohibits disclosure of mental health information to allow disclosures for the purpose of patient care coordination.

  • SF2161 Children's Mental Health and Well-Being (Senate Floor) - Implements recommendations from the children’s mental health and well-being workgroup final report submitted to the Department of Human Services in December 2015.

  • SF2236 MH/DS County Levy (Senate Ways & Means Committee) - Sets a statewide standard property tax levy for mental health and disability services (MH/DS) for beginning July 1, 2017.

  • SR2006 Special Education Rules (Senate Floor) - Nullifies an administrative rule adopted by the Board of Educational Examiners that establishes a special education endorsement and specializations.

Bills That HAVE NOT Yet Cleared the March 11 Deadline:

  • HF510 MH/SA Transportation Contracts (Senate Human Resources Committee) - Allows a county or a MH/DS region to contract for the transportation of persons with substance abuse disorders or mental illness being committed either involuntarily or voluntarily.

  • HF2287 Commission for the Blind Membership (House Floor) - Increases the number of members on the Commission for the Blind from 3 to 5, and requires that at least one member be blind, one be appointed by the National Federation of the Blind of Iowa, and another be appointed by Iowa Council of the United Blind.

  • HF2366 Mental Health Advocate Duties (Senate Human Resources Committee) -  Makes changes to mental health advocate oversight by giving Judicial Branch authority to develop best practices and guidelines for advocate performance.

  • HF2384 Medical Cannabidiol Act (House Floor) - Amends the Medical Cannabidiol Act by expanding Iowa's existing law to allow use for epilepsy, MS, and terminal cancer and allowing the manufacture and sale of the product through two in-state dispensaries.

  • SF2125  Medicaid Managed Care Termination (House Human Resources Committee) - Requires the Department of Human Services terminate contracts with Managed Care Organizations.

  • SF2145 Speech Therapy (House Human Resources Committee) - Requires Medicaid managed care provide speech therapy benefits for children who have speech, language, and hearing disorders.

  • SF2197 Medical Assistance Advisory Council (House Human Resources Committee) - Adds the state long-term care ombudsman or the ombudsman’s designee to the membership of the medical assistance advisory council and the medical assistance advisory council executive committee.

  • SF2213 Medicaid Managed Care Oversight & Program Improvement (House Human Resources Committee) - Sets up structures to make sure there is good government oversight of the Medicaid managed care system, including enhancing the role of various advisory boards, appointment of an interagency program integrity work group, expansion of the role of the state's long-term care ombudsman, establishing a Medicaid Reinvestment Fund to pay to expand access and improve outcomes, and amending the Managed Care Organization (MCO) contracts to address concerns that have been raised.

  • SF2225 High School Sports Concussions (House Education Committee) - Requires the home team at certain high school sporting events to have a health care professional present and available to assess athletic injuries.

  • SF2244 Vehicle Registration Plates (House Transportation Committee) - Allows the authorized representative of an irrevocable trust to apply for special registration plates for vehicles on behalf of a person with a disability.

  • SF2254 Autism Coverage/Insurance Mandate (House Commerce Committee) - Requires insurance plans pay for the screening, diagnosis, and treatment of autism spectrum disorders. 

  • SF2260 Medicaid Provider Information Disclosure (House Human Resources Committee) - Requires the Department of Human Services contract with a third-party CPA firm to collect and verify information on each person with an ownership or controlling interest in a Medicaid-approved provider organization.