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Iowans Set Records on Election Day

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The Des Moines Register reported this week that Iowa may have been the only state in the nation to have better voter turnout this year than in 2008 (when President Obama was first elected President).   More than 1.5 million Iowans voted on Tuesday, the highest rate of voting in 20 years. 

The high rate of voter turnout could have something to do with Iowa’s early voting laws.  Iowa allows voters to vote early, up to 40 days before the election. 

Not all states have such a long period of early voting.  So that may be why nearly half of those voting this year did so before Election Day (either by voting in person at the county auditor’s office, at a satellite voting station, or at home with a mail-in ballot).
  A file folder with magnifying glass, with text Fact File

FACT:   72% of those registered to vote in Iowa voted in Tuesday’s Presidential Election.  That
             means seven out of every ten registered voters voted. 

FACT:   82% of Polk County’s registered voters voted this year (Polk County Auditor's Office). 

FACT:   Nationally only 57% of those registered voted, according to the American University's
             Center for the Study of the American Electorate.