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2014 Session Begins

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The Iowa Legislature is back in session.  Even though they worked only six days in the last two weeks, legislators have already introduced 270 new bills. That’s in addition to the nearly 1,900 left over from last year.  While the date to ask for new bills has now passed, the people that write the bills (called “bill drafters”) are still working on hundreds of requests.  So you can expect to see many more bills added to the infoNET Bill Tracker in the coming weeks. 

Since this is our first newsletter of 2014, we wanted to remind you of a few ways infoNET can help you be a better advocate.

  • Stay Informed.   infoNET got its name by being an information network for Iowans with disabilities.  While it started as a mailed newsletter, infoNET now provides updated real-time information using Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, websites, emailed action alerts, and e-newsletters as well as a printed newsletter.  You can:

    • Get breaking news between issues of infoNET by following us on Facebook or at www.infonetiowa.org.

    • Watch progress on bills as they move through the legislative process using our Bill Tracker.  The infoNET Bill Tracker is updated daily and available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Whenever you need it.  Click here to check it out.

    • Discover ways to advocate locally. Whether it's planning a local Capitol Day with the help of an ID Action grant, or going to one of your legislator's public forums, infoNET can help.  You can find a list of town hall meetings legislators have on Fridays and Saturdays during the legislative session here.  This list, which already has over 70 forums included, is updated daily with new local advocacy opportunties.  Just click here to check it out. 

    • Browse our Tips & Tools to help you jump start your advocacy.  This year, we will unveil a series of 3-minute videos with great tips on communicating with your legislators.  In addition, our Policy Tools page on our website has lots of information on issues and advocacy that are updated frequently.  Click here for more.

To quote Thomas Jefferson - an informed citizen is essential to our Democracy.  Without informed citizens, lawmakers make uninformed decisions.