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Judge Retention Election 2020
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CENSUS Deadline 9/30
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National Voter Registrations Day!
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Medicaid Community Engagement Requirements (SF 2366)

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Senate File 2366 requires Iowa Health and Wellness Plan members (not the rest of Medicaid) to work or volunteer at least 20 hours per week (or earn the equivalent of 20 hours x the state's minimum age).  This "community engagement" requirement exempts individuals who are medically exempt, pregnant, caring for a child under age six or a dependent child with a disability, caring for an elderly person or person with a disability, home schooling, in a drug or alcohol program, or complying with unemployment compensation requirements.  Those not complying will be given 30 day notice that they have failed to comply, but gives members a chance to comply within that time and then reapply for program benefits without disruption. Gradually phases out childcare assistance to families whose income is above 225% of the federal poverty level (FPL) for basic childcare (250% FPL for special needs childcare).  Since this bill is controversial and requires a significant amount of work for state agencies to carry out the work, it may get tabled because of COVID.  The vote was party line except for one cross-over (Republican Sen. Zach Nunn voted with Democrats):

Senators (3/10/20)

Yes (31): Behn, Breitbach, Brown, Carlin, Chapman, Costello, Cournoyer, Dawson, Edler, Feenstra, Garrett, Greene, Guth, Johnson, Kapucian, Koelker, Kraayenbrink, Lofgren, Miller-Meeks, Rozenboom, Schneider, Schultz, Segebart, Shipley, Sinclair, R. Smith, Sweeney, Whiting, Whitver, Zaun, Zumbach

No (18): Bisignano, Bolkcom, Boulton, Celsi, Dotzer, Giddens, Hogg, Jochum, Kinney, Lykam, Mathis, Nunn, Petersen, Quirmbach, Ragan, J.Smith, R. Taylor, T. Taylor  

Absent/Not Voting (1): Wahls