Federal COVID Package: What It Includes (and Doesn't)
(March 27, 2020)   Yesterday the Senate uanimously passed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act (S. 3548). Read the... Read More...
Legislative Session Shuts Down Amid Coronavirus Fears
The Iowa Legislature announced session will be suspended for at least 30 days.  That means legislators will not be at the Capitol until at least... Read More...
Key Bills Stalled on House Calendar
Two bills that are supported by Disbility Rights Iowa and the Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council survived the first legislative deadline two... Read More...
JOIN US! Monthly Advocacy Calls
This year, we will be hosting monthly call-ins to give advocates with disabilities a chance to ask questions about the issues being discussed at the... Read More...

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Bill Tracker

The 2020 Iowa Legislature is currently in session.  We will add to our bill tracker daily, and update status at least once every day.  We are having some trouble with some browsers displaying the list below.  If you cannot see anything in the box below, use this link.  Rest assured, we're trying to fix it!

  • The list that you see below is the "active" list.  All of these bills have cleared the first legislative deadline and have been voted out of committee.  Some bills are not subject to deadlines (those in the Appropriations, Ways & Means, or Government Oversight Committees).  
  • If you click on the dropdown box below and change "active" to "inactive," you will be able to see the bills that are no longer alive and are off the list of issues to be debated this year.  Clever legislators can always take these bills and amend them to other bills (where there is a will, there is a way).