Early Voting Starts Today!
You don't have to wait until Election Day to vote!  If you are ready to vote, you can do it starting today.  You have a few options: Go to your... Read More...
The 2018 election is less than one month away.   If you don't know if you are registered to vote - you check online here.  Watch our informative... Read More...
More Candidates!
The 2018 election is only two months away.  It's a great time to check your voter registration, and make sure you are registered at your current... Read More...
Know Your Voting Deadlines
There were a few changes made legislatively that change various voting dates.  We'll make sure you get warnings ahead of time, but you might want to... Read More...
Primary Results 2018
Iowans turned out in record numbers to vote in the June 5 primary eleciton.  There was a crowded field of Democrat candidates for Governor and in... Read More...

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Bill Tracker

The 2018 Iowa Legislative Session ended on May 5, and the Governor finished signing them on June 1.  The status of the bills below is now final.

  • The bills on the "Active" list passed the Legislature, and were signed or vetoed by the Governor.
  • To see a list of bills that didn't pass this year, change the dropdown menu to "Inactive."
  • We track bills that are of interest to Iowans with disabilities.  Click here to see the entire list of bills passed in 2018.