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CALL TO ACTION: Contact Congress
Republicans now have a plan for the next COVID-19 assistance package. It is very different from the plan from the Democrats. Congress and the White... Read More...
ACTION ALERT: Congressional COVID Relief Needs Disability Focus
Senate Republicans continued to hammer out the details of a fourth COVID-19 relief package, which Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) has... Read More...
Iowans with Disabilities Face Danger, Isolation During COVID-19
The Des Moines Register featured a great article on the challenges Iowans with disabilities face during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Titled "Iowans with... Read More...
Governor Finishes Signing 2020 Bills into Law
Governor Kim Reynolds finished signing the 113 bills sent to her during this year's legislative session.  She line-item vetoed the budget bill,... Read More...
DD Council Ask Governor to Veto Changes to Voting by Mail
The Iowa Legislative Session finsihed its work on June 14; our next issue of infoNET will be published after the Govenror takes action on the 113... Read More...

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Medicaid Expansion/Iowa Health & Wellness Plan (Final Vote)

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The Standings Bill (SF 452) included the $29.8 million promised in the redesign of the mental health and disability services system. These funds are distributed so that each county has a total budget that equals $47.28 per person living in the county.  Fifty-four counties will be eligiblle to receive funds under this "per capita equalization formula." 

HOUSE (96-1)

Yes (96): Abdul-Samad, Anderson, Bacon, Baltimore, Baudler, Bearinger, Berry, Brandenburg, Byrnes, Cohoon, Costello, Cownie, Dawson, Deyoe, Dolecheck, Drake, Dunkel, Fisher, Forbes, Forristall, Fry, Gaines, Garrett, Gaskill, Gassman, Grassley, Hagenow, Hall, Hanson, Hanusa, Heartsill, Heaton, Heddens, Hein, Hess, Highfill, Hunter, Huseman, Isenhart, Jacoby, Jorgensen, Kajtazovic, Kaufmann, Kearns, Kelley, Klein, Koester, Kressig, Landon, Lensing, Lofgren, Lundby, Lykam, Mascher, Maxwell, McCarthy, Miller, H., Miller, L., Moore, Muhlbauer, Murphy, Oldson, Olson, S., Olson, T., Ourth, Paulsen, Pettengill, Prichard, Rayhons, Riding, Rogers, Running-Marquardt, Salmon, Sands, Schultz, Shaw, Sheets, Smith, J., Smith, M., Soderberg, Staed, Stanerson, Steckman, Stutsman, Taylor, R., Taylor, T., Thede, Thomas, Upmeyer, Vander Linden, Watts, Wessel-Kroeschell, Winckler, Windschitl, Wolfe, Worthan 

No (1): Alons

Absent/Not Voting (3): R.Olson, Ruff, Wood

SENATE (26-24)

Yes (26): Beall, Black, Bolkcom, Bowman, Brase, Danielson, Dearden, Dotzler, Dvorsky, Courtney, Gronstal, Hart, Hatch, Hogg, Horn, Jochum, Mathis, McCoy, Petersen, Quirmbach, Ragan, Schoenjahn, Seng, Sodders, Taylor, Wilhelm

No (24): Anderson, Behn, Bertrand, Boettger, Breitbach, Chapman, Chelgren, Dix, Ernst, Feenstra, Greiner, Guth, Houser, Johnson, Kapucian, Rozenboom, Schneider, Segebart, Sinclair, Smith, Sorenson, Whitver, Zaun, Zumbach