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Legislative Leaders Agree on Spending

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Senate and House leaders have agreed to a joint budget target (that is, how much they will spend on each area of the budget for the fiscal year starting July 1, 2019).  Last night, the chairs of the House and Senate budget subcommittees met into the late evening hours to begin working out their differences.  It's clear that leaders are trying to finish up session next week, but experience tells us if they shoot for next Friday, they'll end up adjourning the next Tuesday or Wednesday.  We'll see how things go with negotiations, but if they come back next week with agreements, things could happen very quickly.

Here's a a link to the joint budget targets, and how they compare to the current year (FY19), the Governor's requrest, and the House and Senate targets.  You can see the staff reviews of these bills here (if there are multiple documents for a budget bill, always select the one with the most current date).