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MEET DAVID YOUNG: Republican Candidate for US Representative (Congressional District 3)

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David Young is a sixth generation Iowan. His family homesteaded in Pocahontas County in 1881. Emigrating from Germany, they were drawn to America by the promise of freedom, liberty, and by the endless opportunity available to anyone who works hard.

Grandson of a tenant farmer and a preacher who built a church in Laurel, Young learned about Iowa values and to have a strong Iowa work ethic from a young age.

Growing up in Van Meter, Young played little league baseball and was a paperboy in town. Eventually, his family moved to Johnston and he worked summers at the Iowa State Fair.

Upon graduating from high school, Young attended Buena Vista College and graduated with a degree in English from Drake University.

Most recently, Young was Chief of Staff to Senator Chuck Grassley.  Young was first elected to the US House of Representatives in 2015.  

You can see a map of Congressional District 3 here.  For more information or to get involved in the Young campaign, go to, call 515-996-0092, or email


One in seven Iowans has a disability, many of whom rely on support services funded through the state’s Medicaid program.  What actions will you take in Congress to make sure Iowans have access to the supports and services they need to live, learn, and work in their communities?   

For nearly four years, I’ve traveled to all 16 counties in the Third District every month and have sat with Iowa families in hospitals and in the homes of Iowans with disabilities to speak with them about their struggles and triumphs.

I take their stories with me to Washington, D.C. and advance legislation which helps Iowans with disabilities live better lives. I wanted to share what I’ve done to protect Iowans with disabilities and how I’ll continue to fight if Iowans again allow me to represent them in Congress. 

After meeting with Iowans who are blind about their struggles to access technologies to help them find good employment, I introduced a bipartisan bill to provide a tax credit to make the purchase of this equipment more affordable. Seventy percent of individuals who are blind are either unemployed or underemployed. My legislation helps the blind have the freedom to live more independent lives.

In February, the House of Representatives voted on legislation which I was convinced would undermine the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). It would have restricted legal action against establishments which were not compliant with the ADA. I stood up to Republican leadership in the House and voted against this bill. I’ve always said I would protect those with disabilities and I’ll continue to do so regardless of party positions or politics.

When meeting with Iowans with disabilities living in rural areas of the district, they often share how they want to live independent lives, but access to reliable transportation is lacking. As Iowa’s only voice on the Appropriations Committee, I’ve worked to make sure our rural communities aren’t left behind and can connect to other communities with public transportation funding.

Additionally, I recently introduced the ‘Ensuring Lasting Smiles Act’ which requires insurance companies to cover reconstructive surgeries for children with birth defects and congenital abnormalities. Some insurance companies won’t cover these surgeries -saying they are cosmetic. There is nothing cosmetic about these surgeries. They are needed to help children live healthy and active lives.

Earlier this year, I also introduced the ‘Veterans Burn Pit Exposure Act’ which helps veterans exposed to toxic burn pits during Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. When our service members came home, they were left to deal with disabilities and illnesses caused by their exposure to these burn pits. My bill requires the Veterans Administration to recognize burn pits as contributing to their disability which them gives them access to the care they deserve.

Finally, I will continue to protect those with pre-existing conditions. We all have members in our family or have a friend with a pre-existing condition. They deserve access to affordable and quality health care just like anyone else. I have advanced legislation to protect those with a pre-existing condition. 

Those are just a few of the steps I’ve taken to protect Iowans with disabilities. If re-elected, I will continue to stand up for all Iowans and help those with disabilities receive the justice, equality, and care they deserve.