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MEET JAKE PORTER: Libertarian Candidate for Governor

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Jake Porter was born in 1988 in Missouri, lived in small communities with populations between 100-1000 people for his first 18 years, and graduated from a high school in the Lineville-Clio Community School District which unfortunately had to consolidate several years ago.

HIs political philosophy was largely shaped by something that occurred in the late 1990’s.  His grandmother battled cancer for several years and was waiting for FDA approval to try foreign drugs.   She passed away in early 2001, but the idea that the state could deny someone medication stayed with him.  That is why, a few years ago, he fought the prosecution of the late Benton Mackenzie who was prosecuted by the state of Iowa for using cannabis oil.

He has a BA in Business Administration from AIB College of Business in Des Moines and is a small business marketing consultant.  He has held many position,s Libertarian candidate, Presidential campaigns (including Chief of Staff) and has been a Business Manager for a weekly newspaper in St. Joseph (Missouri), retail store manager, Yahoo! and Apple employee, and Secretary of State candidate.  

Porter's Lt. Governor running mate is Lynne Gentry.  For more information or to get involved in the Porter/Gentry campaign, go to, call 515-361-5428, or email


One in seven Iowans has a disability, and many rely on support services that are funded through local regions or the state’s Medicaid program to live independently.  How will you work to improve Medicaid and Iowa’s regional mental health and disability services system, including ensuring access to home and community based services?
I would revert Medicaid back to the system we had before the privatization took place.  We can then work with all stakeholders including the people on these plans to make the system better.  The Governor should not act as a dictator especially when it comes to decisions that impact tens of thousands of Iowans.  Additionally, people with large state contracts shouldn’t be able to donate to the politicians that negotiate their contracts.

The state should look at opening additional mental health facilities where it makes sense and the Governor should involve stakeholders and the members of the legislature in any action taken.  I don’t believe this was done when the mental health facilities were closed.  
As Governor, I would encourage the legislature to not treat addiction issues as criminal justice issues as doing so increase costs to the taxpayers and makes it less likely that people will seek treatment for their addiction if they believe they will be prosecuted for having the addiction.  
Sound budgeting and prioritizing spending will resolve the mid-year budget cuts we have witnessed in the past few years.  The state should not spend more money than they take in which forces cuts to money already allocated by the legislature for programs such as these.  By ending corporate welfare to large financially sound corporations, we will make great progress in balancing the state’s budget.

I will be a Governor for all Iowans and will not tolerate any discrimination by the state or my administration to anyone with a mental or physical disability.