Session Ends!
After late nights and long debates, controversy and agreement, the 2019 Iowa Legislature has adjourned for the year.  They will not come back together... Read More...
State Representative Changes Parties; Now a Democrat
As. hard as we try, we just cannot keep our Guide to the Iowa Legislature updated!!!  First, Sen. Danielson resigned early in session.  Now, Rep. Andy... Read More...
Legislative Leaders Agree on Spending
Senate and House leaders have agreed to a joint budget target (that is, how much they will spend on each area of the budget for the fiscal year... Read More...
Find Out Which Bills Survived the Funnel!
Today (April 5) was the second and final legislative "funnel" deadline. Any bills that didn't make it out of committee in both the House and Senate... Read More...
UHC Pulls Out of Iowa
United Health Care will become the second Medicaid managed care organization to leave Iowa.  UHC currently gets $2 billion in combined state and... Read More...

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The 2018 election is less than one month away.  

  • If you don't know if you are registered to vote - you check online here
  • Watch our informative video on Iowa's new voter ID law here
  • Find out about your early voting options by contacting your county auditor - click here to find yours.

To find out more about the Congressional candidates:

You can also find contact information and others on the ballot here.   You can also find out which district # you live in for Congress, Iowa House, and Iowa Senate here.  If you get infoNET by mail, it's also listed near your mailing address.