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Governor Wraps Up Action on 2018 Bills

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Governor Kim Reynolds had until June 4 to sign or veto bills that were sent to her by the Legislature this year. Today, she finished that work and signed all but one bill into law. She also selectively vetoed (called a line-item veto) a few things in the budget bills.  

The Governor’s vetoed only one section out of the Health/Human Services Budget - language requiring the University of Iowa to give an out-of-state durable medical equipment provider space at their hospital to renovate and resell used equipment. The Governor stated that this should be an open process, and that the vendor should have to compete for this with other providers through a formal proposal process.

Since that was the only veto of the Health/Human Services Budget, that means all the new MCO requirements included in the bill are now law. You can read more about this in our bill tracker, and a final session report will be in your mailboxes and inboxes next week.