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MEDICAL CANNABIS (HF 524) - House & Senate Vote

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(April 21, 2017) There were four votes on medical cannabis this year - but the final vote on the bill was on the last night of the legislative session. The final compromise allows two manufacturers to make medical cannabidiol (cannabis oil) in the state, and up to four dispensaries to sell it in the state.  People suffering from a list of "debilitating conditions" would be able to get a card allowing them to use the oil, but a doctor must sign off on a form saying they have a qualifying condition.  This is the vote on the final compromise - so you may have people against it because it went too far, or it didn't go far enough:



YES (83):  Abdul-Samad, Anderson, Bacon, Baudler, Bearinger, Bergen, Best, Bloomingdale, Breckenridge, Brown-Powers, Carlson, Cohoon, Cownie, Deyoe, Dolecheck, Finkenauer, Forbes, Fry, Gaines, Gaskill, Gassman, Grassley, Hagenow, Hager, Hall, Hanson, Hanusa, Heaton, Heddens, Hein, Highfill, Hinson, Holt, Holz, Huseman, Isenhart, Jones, Kacena, Kaufmann, Kearns, Kerr, Klein, Koester, Kressig, Kurth, Landon, Lensing, Lundgren, Maxwell, McConkey, McKean, Meyer, Mohr, Mommsen, Moore, Nielsen, Nunn, Ourth, Paustian, Pettengill, Rizer, Rogers, Running-Marquardt, Salmon, Sexton, Sieck, R. Smith, Staed, Steckman, R. Taylor., T. Taylor, Thede, Upmeyer, Vander Linden, Watts, Wills, Winckler, Windschitl, Worthan, Zumbach

NO (11): Baltimore, Carlin, Fisher, Gustafson, Hunter, Mascher, Olson, M. Smith, Wessel-Kroeschell, Wheeler, Wolfe

ABSENT (6): Baxter, Bennett, Forristall, Heartsill, Miller, Sheets



YES (33): Anderson, Behn, Bowman, Breitbach, Brown, Chapman, Chelgren, Danielson, Dix, Dotzler, Dvorsky, Edler, Feenstra, Greene, Guth, Horn, Jochum, C. Johnson, Kapucian, Kraayenbrink, Lofgren, Quirmbach, Ragan, Rozenboom, Schneider, Schultz, Segebart, Sinclair, Smith, Whitver, Zaun, Zumbach 

NO (7): Bolkcom, Boulton, Costello, Garrett, Hogg, McCoy, Petersen

ABSENT (10): Allen, Bertrand, Bisignano, Dawson, Hart, D. Johnson, Kinney, Lykam, Mathis, Taylor