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Iowa will become the 33rd state to require citizens to show some form of ID when voting. HF 516 was sent to the Governor this week; a signature is expected soon. The bill will:

  • Require Iowans to show a valid (not expired) Iowa driver's license or non-operator ID, a passport, or a military ID.
  • If a voter does not have these forms of ID, the Secretary of State will send them a voter ID card which does not have a photo but does include a place for a signature.
  • Poll workers could challenge a person's identity if signatures do not match or the person doesn't look like their ID.
  • Iowans could vouch for each other (well, up to two others) - if you lose your license another voter from your precinct can show their ID and sign a form that says you are who you say you are.
  •  Early voting is shrunk to 29 days (instead of 40 days).
  • No more straight party voting - well, you can still vote for all of one political party, but you have to do it by filling in the boxes next to each candidate of that party instead of one checkbox at the top.

Use our Grassroots Action Center to let the Governor know what you think about the bill - should he sign it?  should he veto it?   Let him know your thoughts!  Click here to get started.