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CALL TO ACTION: Contact Congress
Republicans now have a plan for the next COVID-19 assistance package. It is very different from the plan from the Democrats. Congress and the White... Read More...
ACTION ALERT: Congressional COVID Relief Needs Disability Focus
Senate Republicans continued to hammer out the details of a fourth COVID-19 relief package, which Senate Majority Leader McConnell (R-KY) has... Read More...
Iowans with Disabilities Face Danger, Isolation During COVID-19
The Des Moines Register featured a great article on the challenges Iowans with disabilities face during the COVID-19 outbreak.  Titled "Iowans with... Read More...
Governor Finishes Signing 2020 Bills into Law
Governor Kim Reynolds finished signing the 113 bills sent to her during this year's legislative session.  She line-item vetoed the budget bill,... Read More...
DD Council Ask Governor to Veto Changes to Voting by Mail
The Iowa Legislative Session finsihed its work on June 14; our next issue of infoNET will be published after the Govenror takes action on the 113... Read More...

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Tools to Get Ready for Session

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A little preparation can help you a lot in your advocacy. Here are a few things that can help you out this year:

  • Find your legislators, and send them a quick email or hand-written note welcoming them back to session.  Let them know what you care about, and offer to be a resource or reality check for them on legislation introduced on these topics.  Also ask them to add you to their newsletter list, and to let you know when they have forums in your area.  Reading your legislators' weekly newsletters is a great way to find out what they are doing at the Capitol.  And if you visit them at the Capitol, you might just find your picture in their newseltter!
  • Find out what bills have already been requested by reading the list of pre-filed bills here.  Legislators can request bills be drafted before the session begins, and this list is available to the public online. It's a great way to preview some of the issues that might be discussed this year.
  • Refresh your memory of the 2016 session by reviewing the bills that passed here.  It's amazing how quickly we forget what happened just a few months ago when session ended.  Taking a quick look at budgets and bills that passed will help jog your memory - and may help you with your advocacy this year.
  • Get acquainted with the Iowa Legislature's website.  There are lots of great tools to keep you informed - such as daily bill packets, daily session reports, and weekly/daily schedules.
  • Check out our Grassroots Action Center.  Our Grassroots Action Center makes emailing your state legislators, the Governor, and your federal elected officials (US Senators, US Representatives, President, Vice President) simple. You don't even need to know the names of your elected officials.  Check out our "how to" video here.  See how it can make advocacy quick & easy!