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This week, leaders in the Iowa House of Representatives released their budget targets.  These targets show two things - how much they plan to spend next year and how they will divide it up among the state budget categories.  As you will recall, Senate leaders released their targets a few weeks ago, planning to spend the same as the Governor but dividing up the pot a bit differently.   The House plans to spend about $166 million less than the Governor and Senate, much of that difference ($104.4 million) coming from the Health/Human Services Budget which funds Medicaid, home and community based services, and services and supports for low-income families and older Iowans.

Below is a chart showing the areas of difference between the current year and the House, Senate, and Governor. 


Current (FY15)

Governor (FY16)

Senate (FY16)

House (FY16)

House v. Senate


$ 51,795,769

$ 53,176,922

$ 51,892,994

$ 49,800,000

$ 2,092,994


$ 43,111,995

$ 44,611,995

$ 43,111,995

$ 42,000,000

$ 1,111,995

 Economic Development

$ 42,581,886

$ 44,500,763

$ 44,275,763

$ 41,400,000

$ 2,875,763


$ 986,136,365

$ 1,022,443,864

$ 1,025,960,305

$ 977,600,000

$ 48,360,305

 Health/Human Services

$ 1,858,603,019

$ 1,930,649,292

$ 1,904,413,758

$ 1,800,000,000

$ 104,413,758

 Justice Systems

$ 731,462,920

$ 744,346,090

$ 742,213,713

$ 728,000,000

$ 14,213,713


$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

$ 0

 Standings (Other)

$ 3,280,635,350

$ 3,501,290,912

$ 3,545,281,310

$ 3,536,200,000

$ 9,081,310

 Savings (early retirements)

$ 0

$ 0





$ 6,994,327,304

$ 7,341,019,838

$ 7,341,019,838


$ 166,019,838

Budget subcommittee chairs got right to work after the targets were announced, and budget bills are being drafted.  You can see a list of budget bills and where they are at in the process as of April 24, 2015 below.  You can also find non-partisan legislative staff explanations of each budget here.

Appropriations Bill

Senate Bill #

House Bill #



SF 498

HSB 248

 SF 498 on Senate Floor; HSB248 in House 
 Appropriations Committee

 Agriculture/Nat, Resources

SF 494


 Senate Floor

 Economic Development

SF 499


 Senate Floor


SF 493

HSB 247

 SF 493 on Senate Floor; HSB247 on House Floor

 Health/Human Services





SF 496


 Senate Floor

 Justice System

SF 497


 Senate Floor



HF 637

 Senate Appropriations Committee

Other Budget Bills




 Federal Block Grant


HF 630

 Senate Floor

 Infrastructure (RIIF)


HF 650

 House Floor





Now is the time to advocate for the programs and services you think are important.  Both the House and Senate are funding Health/Human Services Budget below the Governor's requested level, so much advocacy will be needed to maintain services at current levels. 

  • You can contact your legislators now using our Grassroots Advocacy Center here.  
  • You can attend a local legislative forum here.
  • You can get tips using our new Advocacy Toolkit and Guide to the Iowa Legislature.