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Not all bills were lucky enough to make the cut in this funnel deadline.You can see a complete list of these bills in our Bill Tracker by switching the menu on the top of the list from "Active" to "Inactive" and clicking "Search Bills."  You will be able to see the other half of the bills we've been tracking.  These bills are dead for the rest of sesison, but that doesn't mean a clever legislator (like yours most certainly is) can't find a way to revive it.  Legislators can add these bills as amendments on other bills, they can put them in budget bills, or they can run them out of "funnel-proof" committees like Government Oversight.  Where there is a will....there is definitely a way.

So if you see something in this list you wish had stayed alive a bit longer, talk to your legislators! 

  • HF96- Creates regulations for transportation network companies like Uber.
  • HF113 - Allows registered voters to apply electronically for an absentee ballot
  • HF138 - Gets rid of the option to register to vote on election day (at the polls).
  • HF235 - Changes to membership on the Commission for the Blind. 
  • HF252 - Improves the transition of patients/residents from the hospital to readmission in a nursing facility. 
  • HF265 - Allows anyone to file for involuntary commitment of a person with an intellectual disabilities who is a danger to self or others.
  • HF317 - Allows for the use of telehealth services by mental health professionals and requires insurance cover it.
  • HF328 - Modifies definitions for elder abuse and financial exploitation. 
  • HF349 - Prohibits discrimination in health plans that cover the essential health benefits required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • HF361 - Establishes a Children's Mental Health and Disability Services (MH/DS) Advisory Council.
  • HF362 - Directs DHS to develop alternative transportation options for persons with mental illness.
  • HF380 - Creates a Music Therapy Advisory Council and licenses music therapists. 
  • HF451 -Requires the Board of Education Examiners to drop new rules on special education endorsements
  • HF500 - Allows a Special Olympics license plates.
  • HSB189 - Makes changes to emergency holds for the hospitalization for persons with serious mental illness.
  • HSB202 - Requires reporting of potential concussions in high school sports.
  • HSB82 - Prioritizes waiting lists for Medicaid home and community-based service waivers.
  • SF3 - Requires drivers education courses include more information on accessible parking.
  • SF22 - Makes it a crime to abuse a service dog.
  • SF156 - Creates an inter-agency work group regarding community living for the elderly and persons with disabilities.
  • SF162 - A different approach to antibullying. 
  • SF169 - Establishes depression screening for older Iowans, administered by the ADRCs.
  • SF183 - Requires ID to vote.
  • SF282 - Reclassifies marijuana, including tetrahydrocannabinols.
  • SF325 - Creates a pilot program for transferring mental health and substance abuse patients.
  • SSB1250 - Makes changes to the court orders for outpatient treatment of a person with a serious mental impairment.
  • SSB1252 - Directs DHS to recognize complex rehabilitation technology products that can be reimbursed by Medicaid.