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Perhaps we jinxed this bill, after getting excited over the strong advocacy that helped breathe life into a bill that most had thought was long dead.  The bill that is now referred to as the "Refueling Assistance Bill" (Senate File 2284). would have required gas stations to offer refueling assistance to customers with disabilities upon request, requires signs be posted letting customers know the assistance is available, and require a call button be installed.  The bill included a $500 tax credit to help businesses comply with this and other requirements in the bill.  Some small businesses (two or fewer pumps) and unstaffed sites would be exempt.

Unfortunately the bill died after it passed the Senate 32-14 on March 11.  The bill didn't make it to the House in time to beat the funnel, and it did not pass out of the House Agriculture Committee by the March 14 deadline. You can see how your Senator voted here.  You can watch the Senate debate on the bill here.

Sen. Rita Hart was the bill's floor manager, and chief champion.  She said that the bill "makes a practical change" to help Iowa's gas stations come into compliance with the ADA. As with any advocacy, it's a team effort.  Since our first article, more advocates have come forward to talk about the work they did to move this bill forward. One hosted a group of legislators on his local access TV show to discuss the challenges experienced with refueling his vehicle while another worked with his state senator to shape the language in the legislative bill. Both are shining examples of the difference that advocates can make when they organize for change. 

If you or people you know are advocating on an issue, and want to share what you are doing with others, please let us know!  Add us to your Action Alerts that you send out, and let us know what you are doing!  Others can learn from your work, and you may get others to join in on your effort!  You can contact us at or 866-432-2846.