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STATE ELECTION RESULTS: Split Control of Iowa Legislature Continues

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Before the election, Democrats controlled the Iowa Senate with 26 seats. After the election, Democrats control the Iowa Senate with 26 seats. So the Senate Democrats will stay the majority party – the party in control of the Iowa Senate.

Before the election, Republicans controlled the Iowa House of Representatives with 60 seats. Republicans kept control of the Iowa House, but now they have only a 53-seat majority. A smaller majority means Republicans will probably need to compromise more to get things done. However, that number may change.

One Polk County race is likely to be recounted – Rep. Chris Hagenow beat Susan Judkins by 29 votes. There were a couple other close votes this year (Rep. John Wittneben lost by 57 votes and former Rep. John Beard missed becoming a Senator by 37 votes). They too may be recounted.

Complete election results can be found here.

IOWA SENATE.  Two State Senators were not re-elected – Sen. Shawn Hamerlinck (Scott County) and Sen. Merlin Bartz (Worth County).  Sen. Bartz was a member of the MH/DS Commission.  Two State Representatives decided to run for the Iowa Senate (so they gave up their House seats) – but only one (Rep. Janet Petersen) was elected.  Rep. Nate Willems lost.  Former State Representative John Beard also ran for Iowa Senate but was defeated. 

These are the Senators that will represent you in 2013:
SD stands for “Senate District” - Senators in italic didn’t have to run for re-election this year.

SD-1        Sen. Dave Johnson
SD-2        Sen. Randy Feenstra
SD-3        Sen. Bill Anderson

SD-4        Dennis Guth
SD-5        Sen. Daryl Beall

SD-6        Mark Segebart
SD-7        Sen. Rick Bertrand
SD-8        Sen. Mike Gronstal
SD-9        Sen. Nancy Boettger

SD-10     Jake Chapman
SD-11     Sen. Hubert Houser

SD-12     Sen. Joni Ernst
SD-13     Sen. Kent Sorenson

SD-14     Amy Sinclair
SD-15     Sen. Dennis Black

SD-16     Sen. Dick Dearden
SD-17     Sen. Jack Hatch

SD-18     Janet Petersen (currently a Representative)
SD-19     Sen. Jack Whitver

SD-20     Sen. Brad Zaun
SD-21     Sen. Matt McCoy

SD-22     OPEN (Charles Schneider vs. Desmund Adams)
SD-23     Sen. Herman Quirmbach

SD-24     Sen. Jerry Behn
SD-25     Sen. Bill Dix

SD-26     Sen. Mary Jo Wilhelm
SD-27     Sen. Amanda Ragan

SD-28     Michael Breitbach
SD-29     Sen. Todd Bowman

SD-30     Sen. Jeff Danielson
SD-31     Sen. Bill Dotzler

SD-32     Sen. Brian Schoenjahn
SD-33     Sen. Rob Hogg

SD-34     Sen. Liz Mathis
SD-35     Sen. Wally Horn

SD-36     Sen. Steve Sodders
SD-37     Sen. Bob Dvorsky

SD-38     Sen. Tim Kapucian
     Sen. Sandy Greiner
SD-40     Ken Rozenboom
SD-41     Sen. Mark Chelgren

SD-42     Rich Taylor
SD-43     Sen. Joe Bolkcom

SD-44     Sen. Tom Courtney
SD-45     Sen. Joe Seng

SD-46     Chris Brase
SD-47     Sen. Roby Smith

SD-48     Dan Zumbach
SD-49     Rita Hart
SD-50     Sen. Pam Jochum

IOWA HOUSE.  Six State Representatives lost their races and won’t be returning to the Capitol this year - Rep. John Wittneben (Emmett County), Rep. Jeremy Taylor (Woodbury County), Rep. Bob Hager (Allamakee County), Rep. Ross Paustian (Scott County), Rep. Nick Wagner (Linn County), and Rep. Renee Schulte (Linn County). Rep. Schulte was the primary author and lead sponsor of the Mental Health and Disability Services Redesign, and an Assistant Minority Leader.  Rep. Wagner was vice-chair of the powerful House Appropriations Committee last year (the committee that decides how much money will be spent and where it is spent) – and many thought he’d chair it in 2013.

Former State Representatives Donovan Olson and Tom Schueller failed to make comebacks this year.  Two former Democratic State Senators ran for State Representative this year – one was elected (Frank Wood) and one lost (Bill Heckroth).  Current State Senator Bob Bacon decided to run for State Representative this year, and was elected.  Bobby Kaufman will take over the seat his father (Rep. Jeff Kaufman) retired from this year.  Two kids of former legislators also ran this year – one won (Dan Lundby, son of former Sen. Mary Lundby) and one lost (Joe Judge, son of former Sen. John Judge and former Lt. Gov. and Sen. Patti Judge).

Two Dubuque County legislators got 100% of the vote (no one voted against them) – Rep. Chuck Isenhart and Nancy Dunkel.  And an independent candidate came close to beating Rep. Dennis Cohoon, who won with 47% of the vote.

These are the Representatives that will represent you in 2013:
HD stands for “House District”

HD-1       Rep. Jeff Smith
HD-2       Megan Hess
HD-3       Rep. Dan Huseman
HD-4       Rep. Dwayne Alons
HD-5       Rep. Chuck Soderberg
HD-6       Rep. Ron Jorgensen
HD-7       Tedd Gassman
HD-8       Rep. Henry Rayhons
HD-9       Rep. Helen Miller
HD-10    Rep. Tom Shaw
HD-11    Rep. Gary Worthan
HD-12    Rep. Dan Muhlbauer
HD-13    Rep. Chris Hall
HD-14    David Dawson
HD-15    Rep. Mark Brandenburg
HD-16    Rep. Mary Ann Hanusa
HD-17    Rep. Matt Windschitl
HD-18    Rep. Jason Schultz
HD-19    Rep. Ralph Watts
HD-20    Rep. Clel Baudler
HD-21    Rep. Jack Drake
HD-22    Rep. Greg Forristall
HD-23    Mark Costello
HD-24    Rep. Cecil Dolecheck
HD-25    Rep. Julian Garrett
HD-26    Scott Orth
HD-27    Rep. Joel Fry
HD-28    Greg Heartsill
HD-29    Rep. Dan Kelley
HD-30    Joe Riding
HD-31    Rep. Rick Olson
HD-32    Rep. Ruth Ann Gaines
HD-33    Rep. Kevin McCarthy
HD-34    Rep. Bruce Hunter
HD-35    Rep. Ako Abdul-Samad
HD-36    Marti Anderson
HD-37    John Landon
HD-38    Rep. Kevin Koester
HD-39    Jake Highfill
HD-40    John Forbes
HD-41    Rep. Jo Oldson
HD-42    Rep. Peter Cownie
HD-43    Rep. Chris Hagenow
HD-44    Rob Taylor
HD-45    Rep. Beth Wessel-Kroeschell
HD-46    Rep. Lisa Heddens
HD-47    Rep. Chip Baltimore
HD-48    Bob Bacon (currently Senator)
HD-49    Rep. Dave Deyoe
HD-50    Rep. Pat Grassley
HD-51    Rep. Josh Byrnes
HD-52    Rep. Brian Quirk
HD-53    Rep. Sharon Steckman
HD-54    Rep. Linda Upmeyer
HD-55    Rep. Roger Thomas
HD-56    Patti Ruff
HD-57    Nancy Dunkel
HD-58    Rep. Brian Moore
HD-59    Rep. Bob Kressig
HD-60    Rep. Walt Rogers
HD-61    Rep. Anesa Kajtazovic
HD-62    Rep. Deb Berry
HD-63    Sandy Salmon
HD-64    Bruce Bearinger
HD-65    Rep. Tyler Olson
HD-66    Art Staed
HD-67    Rep. Kraig Paulsen
HD-68    Dan Lundby
HD-69    Rep. Kirsten Running-Marquardt
HD-70    Rep. Todd Taylor
HD-71    Rep. Mark Smith
HD-72    Dean Fisher
HD-73    Bobby Kaufman
HD-74    Rep. Dave Jacoby
HD-75    Rep. Dawn Pettengill
HD-76    David Maxwell
HD-77    Sally Stutsman
HD-78    Rep. Jarad Klein
HD-79    Rep. Guy Vander Linden
HD-80    Larry Sheets
HD-81    Rep. Mary Gaskill
HD-82    Rep. Curt Hanson
HD-83    Rep. Jerry Kearns
HD-84    Rep. Dave Heaton
HD-85    Rep. Vicki Lensing
HD-86    Rep. Mary Mascher
HD-87    Rep. Dennis Cohoon
HD-88    Rep. Tom Sands
HD-89    Rep. Jim Lykam
HD-90    Rep. Cindy Winckler
HD-91    Rep. Mark Lofgren
HD-92    Frank Wood
HD-93    Rep. Phyllis Thede
HD-94    Rep. Linda Miller
HD-95    Quentin Stanerson
HD-96    Rep. Lee Hein
HD-97    Rep. Steve Olson
HD-98    Rep. Mary Wolfe
HD-99    Rep. Pat Murphy
HD-100 Rep. Chuck Isenhart